Friday, January 22, 2010

Allan's Talabahan

Ate here last month. It's the only well known eatery in Oton.

I don't get why a lot of people eat at this place. It's just as any other by-the-road eatery. Then my girlfriend tells me, it's because, their oysters are delicious compared to any other place. I wouldn't know since I hardly eat oysters.

My parents weren't even convinced that their oysters tasted better compared to what they've had in Guam.

Pictures will be posted soon, once I find my DVDR with the pics.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Never Eat At Imay's

I've eaten at lots of places and Imay's has got to be at the lowest, even lower than Green Mango!

Lastnight (December 24, 2009) was my second time eating there. The first was with my parents. It took them forever to serve the food, though tasty, the food was not cooked well enough.

Lastnight, I was with Jen's family. Again, the food took forever to be served. No plates were even handed to us. Spoon and forks were apparently a commodity to them.

Appetizers were uncooked and the soup was not even that hot. Chicken was still bleeding.

Apparently the manager was out for the night. So we only paid for what we've eaten and left.

I wanna say more about places like this, but I'm too lazy to type :S

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