Thursday, September 26, 2013

MyPhone Android Phones

I was at GT Plaza Mall the other day and saw this advert for the MyPhone Iceberg.
I thought to myself that it looked like a cool phone and sorta has cool features, and that I should look more into it when I get home.

There was also an advert for the MyPhone Vortex. It has an aluminum frame and nearly identical specs to the MyPhone Iceberg, but priced a couple hundred pesos more.

I did some searching around Google and YouTube, and found out that the two phones are rebranded BLU phones. The BLU Life View and the BLU Life One.

Here's more info on each phone.

MyPhone Iceberg (BLU Life View)

MyPhone Vortex (BLU Life One)

I think other MyPhone phones are rebranded BLU phones, but they didn't interest me as much as these two.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

K'NEX Blue Yoshi

While I was in Toy Kingdom at The Mall of Asia, I bought myself one of these K'Nex mystery packs. I saw through the packaging a picture of Yoshi, and thought myself that this might actually be a Yoshi figure. So I bought it and I was right! It was a Yoshi figure!

A Day In Manila

Last month I was Manila twice. Each visit lasting a day. Here are pictures from my first visit.

I stayed at the Paragon Tower Hotel. It's only two blocks from Robinsons Place Manila.

I think I like Robinsons Place Manila more than The Mall of Asia.

This is my view from my room.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Toy Car Racetrack

I was at GT Plaza Mall and took a picture of this racetrack for motorized toy cars. I don't know what the cars are called, but there's a shop here that sells various bits and pieces at customizing them.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Friday, September 6, 2013

Knock Off LEGO TMNT Leonardo Minifigure

I was at Mary Mart earlier today. I stopped by IBAM just to ogle at the figures, model kits, other items they had on display.

I saw that they were selling knock off LEGO Cars. On the shelf below that were knock off LEGO Star Wars. I would have bought one if it had a Storm Trooper, but there weren't any. To the right of that were the LEGO TMNT minifigures. I checked out the price, and saw that they were P120 (about $3). I thought to myself that I'd buy one just to see the quality.

I don't have an orignal Leonardo minifigure to compare this with, but it really looks awesome!

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