Saturday, December 22, 2012

Journey Paper Craft

Disclaimer: This isn't my mine. I thought I'd just share it :)

Full-sized images found at どつぼ's fg-site page.

I have not played the PS3 game, Journey, but it looks really beautiful.

Here's paper craft from that game.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Giant Anthem 3

This bike was given to me by my big brother in exchange for the one I left behind in Iloilo back in December of 2010.

I have not used this because I don't know where to ride it and there isn't a bike lane here either.

I just recently cleaned this. Cleaned the chain and re-lubed it with White Lightning Easy Lube.

The chain was really dirty when the bike arrived from where my big brother took it, but now, it looks good as new, sort of.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Simple Green Lime Scale Remover

I wanna take this time to say that Simple Green Lime Scale Remover is a great cleaning product.

My sister told me to clean the because it was getting dirty. I looked around the house for the cleaning supplies and tried about 3 different products that sort of cleaned it but not thoroughly. I was about to use CLR which is a bit too much but then I found Simple Green. No gloves needed! I sprayed and scrubbed and just like that, the sink became clean. Yay.

So next time, when I need to scrub away those nasty mineral deposits, I know what to use.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S II

My brother got a sweet deal on a used Samsung Galaxy S II.

It was running the stock Ice Cream Sandwich firmware from Samsung, but now it's running the official Jelly Bean firmware that was leaked last month.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Aki Matsuri Guam 2012

Last week was the Japan Autumn Festival. As far as I could remember, it's always held in the month of November at Ypao Beach.

Going there, you'll see people dressed in yukatas and happis. There'd be kiosks for food, drinks, games, and souvenirs. You'd have to exchange money for tickets, and each item costs depending on how many tickets they sell it for.

There'd be a stage there too with performers performing Japanese cultural dances.

I think at the end of the festival is when they'd play the Tanko Bushi song and invite everyone to come and dance.

Here's an example of how the dance and song goes.

I went with my dad, we didn't stay that long. We ate some food and left. I took some pictures, but not a lot.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Final Fantasy XI

Last week, I bought Final Fantasy XI from Amazon for $5.

Just for $5, you get a digital download of the game with all of the expansion packs, except Seekers of Adoulin, since that hasn't been released yet.

With every new purchase of FFXI, you get a 30-day-free-trial for one character, and an in-game item that helps you in the game until you reach level 20.

It's about $12 per 30 days of playing, and an additional $1 for every character registered to your account.

The whole download is about 4 gigabytes and it fits perfectly in a DVDR.

After installing the game and expansion packs and the PlayOnline Viewer and Tetra Master, it's going to download some files to update the POL Viewer.

Then after you've registered your registration code and registered for a Content ID, it's going download even more files to update the game. It took me 4 hours before I could start playing the game.

It's been 9 years since I first purchased this game for over $50 at GameStop.

Back then, Rise of the Zilart was the only expansion pack available.

It took forever to level up back then, but now it's very easy. Back then, you couldn't play the game solo after level 12. You'd have to have a party to get decent experience points to level up.

Finding a party back then would take hours and would only last for a couple minutes. I can't say how it is now, since there aren't that many players, but until then, that's all I can say.

Playing solo back then, you'd get very low experience points from the mobs and you could barely survive the fight, but now, the lowest experience points you can get is 80 vs the 2 (I think) back then and still have some HP for another fight.

I've made it to level 23 by playing solo, but I bet I can level up a lot faster if I played with a party.

There aren't that many players online anymore, and the Auction House doesn't have that many items in there. I guess the only way to obtain gear is by checking out in-game shops. But the best way to make money is by selling materials through the Auction House. The items I see in the Auction House are mostly materials needed for crafting.

One thing that hasn't changed, is that, it takes forever to travel. It takes at least 5 minutes to go from one zone to the next.

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